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Even if you're not a Captive Audience subscriber, you can still get a free voicemail greeting to keep your callers informed

Your customers need to know if you're still open for business and how they can interact with you. We have voicemails available you can download for free, or you can order a custom greeting and voicemail set with your specific information. To help businesses keep in contact with their customers during this time, we’re also offering discounts on Coronavirus-specific scripts.

Office Phone

Use your Auto Attendant to keep callers informed about what you can do for them now, during this emergency.

  • Tell callers your current business hours
  • Tell callers if you're forced to close
  • Tell callers how they can order from you most easily
Office Phone

Your telephone hold times will probably increase. We can help.

Use messages on hold to educate your callers about changes to your operation

  • Hours - Repeat these frequently throughout your message, and keep them current!
  • Product Information - Let customers know the status of your stock, and give them honest expectations
  • Manage Expectations - Inform customers of upcoming or possible shutdowns, and possible delays
  • Provide Positive Information - Keep customers up to date on how your company is managing this crisis, and how you look forward to assisting them

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(800) 488-2550

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